Just as soccer players have tournaments, football players have games, and gymnasts have meets, dancers have performances!  More than a year’s worth of planning goes into our annual spring performance at Expressions Dance & Movement Center—better known to most people as “the recital.”   

The recital is a memorable opportunity for our students to showcase their talents onstage.  From learning the first eight-count of choreography in class to the final bow onstage, the recital is definitely one of the highlights of a dancer’s year!


At Expressions, dancers have many opportunities to perform. Our Mini & Junior classes perform a Children's Winter Showcase. Our more experienced dancers who are part of our Performing Groups and the East County Ballet Conservatory performs during this winter showcase as well!

In March, our ballet students are invited to participate in the East County Ballet Conservatory's Spring Ballet production. All ballet students in Mini 3 and older are able to audition to be in this performance.

Throughout the season, our Performing Groups participate in multiple performances in the community and at a few local competitions. These groups gain experience by refining their dance routines throughout the entire dance season, helping them build resilience and confidence in themselves and their team mates!

In May and June our regular classes and the special programs, like Performing Groups and Smile Squad, have the opportunity to perform at Community Performances like the Santee Street Fair and the San Diego County Fair.

In June, ALL our classes put together a Spring Recital at a local professional theater. These recitals are a great showcase of the progress our students have made over the dance season, through their hard work and dedication.


Performing Arts Benefits for children and teens!