Dress Code

2023-2024 Expressions Dance & Movement Center

Dress Code

As with many other children’s activities that require specific attire and footwear, Expressions Dance adheres to a dress code policy which serves multiple purposes. Our uniform dress code enables teachers to easily observe a student’s alignment and position and helps students focus on dance rather than attire. Our dress code is always selected with age-appropriateness in mind.
At Expressions we have always celebrated every child that walks through our doors. We want everyone to feel seen and valued. We love that we are all unique and different and we are thrilled that dance wear companies have begun to offer a diverse selection of tights and shoes. This year all EDMC students will have the option to purchase tights and shoes that match their unique skin tone. We have a variety of choices available through the links below. If you cannot find a good match, please let us know as we may be able to direct you to other vendors or brands.
The dress code also ensures that all students have matching dance attire, should a performance opportunity arise. For example, during our children's winter showcase, dancers will wear their dress code attire, accompanied by some festive winter accessories!
We look forward to seeing you all in the studio this season!
Sincerely, Miss Darcy & the EDMC Team

*Non-Binary Dancers: please select level-appropriate dress code attire from the lists above that feel most comfortable for your personal identity



Dancers should have hair pulled up and back in all classes. Short hair should be pinned away from the face. Hair should be in a neat bun for all ballet classes.

Additional Information Regarding Undergarments:

Young Ladies: Undergarments should not be visible; if a bra is needed it must be a nude or black dance/sports bra

Young Men (in styles other than Hip Hop): Compression Undergarments or Dance Belt Required

Performance Note: Dancers who are in multiple classes will need a skin-tone undergarment leotard for Spring Recital.  These can also be purchased in our online store under Performance Basics.  Bras to be worn with costumes at recital must be nude with clear straps or strapless.  No sports bras for recital.