Tuition For 2023-2024 Dance Classes

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Membership Fee

Basic Membership

Due at the time of enrollment and annually each May when you enroll in the following seasons classes.
Basic Membership $50, add $15 per sibling


Military Discount:
No Membership Fee - *Active Duty & Retired


Tuition Scale:

dance class tuition

Tuition is processed monthly. Dance season runs from August through June.



Children's Winter Showcase in December

Winter Performance Fee billed on Oct 5th:

$48/ first class, $35/ each additional class

*Each student will wear their class dress code for this performance, in addition to the Winter Accessories provided for the class- students should purchase the exact leotard detailed in the dress code to match the class

Winter Performance Fee includes class accessories and professional video recording of the performance.


Spring Recital, June 20-22, 2024

Spring Recital Performance Dues include a Full Costume for each class your dancer participates in, video recording of the performance, AND a recital shirt to wear as part of the grand finale performance on stage.

This year, families have the opportunity to choose the option that best works for you. There are 3 different options for selecting when your Spring Performance dues will be processed. Please note, we order the majority of the costumes in November, at the recommendation of the costume companies we work with.

Costume payments must be complete no later than January 15, 2024.


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Private Lessons

Per Lesson w/ Senior Faculty

30 Minute: $40
45 Minute: $60
60 Minute: $80

30 Minute: $22.50/dancer
45 Minute: $33.50/dancer
60 Minute: $45/dancer

Per Lesson w/ Junior Faculty

30 Minute: $30
45 Minute: $45
60 Minute: $60

30 Minute: $17.50/dancer
45 Minute: $26/dancer
60 Minute: $35/dancer


Make Up Class Policy

Missed a class? No worries at all! If you'd like to make-up the missed class, you may schedule a make up in any other class in your dancer's age range or level anytime throughout the season. Please email the front desk for a list of available classes and to schedule your make up date!