Tuition and Fees 2022-23

Membership Fee

Basic Membership

Due at the time of enrollment and annually each May.
Basic Membership $50

add $10 per sibling


Military Discount:

No Membership Fee
*Active Duty & Retired


Tuition for classes: 1x 30min weekly classes for $45 per month, 1x 45min weekly class for $62 per month, 60min weekly classes for $76 per month. 10% Discounts applied for 2 or more hours per week and for siblings.



Children's Winter Showcase December 17, 2022

Accessory Fee billed on Oct 5th:


*Each student will wear their class dress code for this performance, in addition to the Winter Accessories provided for the class- students should purchase the exact leotard detailed in the dress code to match the class

Spring Recital June 10, 16-17, 2022 

Costume Fees billed on Nov 15th:

2 In 1 Costumes (for Children's Combo Classes, ie. Mini 1 Ballet/Tap Class): $90/class

Single Costumes (for Children's Classes with one genre, ie. Tippy Toes): $75/class

Single Costumes (for Levels 1-7 Classes): $90/class

*Prices will increase after the the November 15th deadline

Private Lessons

Per Lesson: Senior Faculty

30 Minute: $35
60 Minute: $70

30 Minute: $20/dancer
60 Minute: $40/dancer

Per Lesson: Junior Faculty

30 Minute: $25
60 Minute: $50

30 Minute: $15/dancer
60 Minute: $27/dancer

3 Hour Punch Card for Ongoing Private Lessons

Solo Senior Faculty Punch Card: $200

Duo/Trio Senior Faculty Punch Card: $110/per dancer

Solo Jr. Faculty Punch Card: $150